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It won’t take you long to realize, from Kyle’s accent, that he is not originally from Wyoming, but don’t let that stop you from booking a trip with him through The Wyoming Guide Company.  His deep southern drawl perfectly compliments his personal demeanor, as it’s not only welcoming, but friendly and warm as well.  So come on, book a trip, and enjoy a memorable day with Kyle, who promises to be your newest friend in Wyoming. 

Born and raised on the banks of the Flint River in a small town called Thomaston, Georgia, Kyle grew up a long way from the snow-capped peaks of the Tetons.  No matter the distance, Kyle’s love for the mountains flourished amongst family vacations west to ski, and although young at the age of 8, it was clear to him and his family alike, that a life out west was destined.

Upon completion of his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Georgia, Kyle headed west, looking for a winter between undergrad and postgraduate school to ski and relax.  Little did he know, Kyle would never leave the Rockies.  Instead he drove north from Colorado and got lost in all that is Wyoming.  It was then that Kyle found what his 8 year old self had felt over 15 year ago. 

A little glacial valley nestled in Northwest Wyoming, known to many of the locals as “Jackson Hole”, would provide the backdrop for Kyle to express not only his love for skiing but to find a solace in life that he had, for years, so faithfully longed.  Here in the Jackson valley, Kyle found a small community that rivaled his own childhood home in rural Georgia, and from that point forward, Jackson would be called home.

A new love, for a new place out west was what Kyle had been looking for, and with this newfound freedom being nothing more than happenstance, he’s quick to joke that he was lucky to get “stuck in the hole.”

Whether it was the small town community feel or the steep and deep ski terrain of the surrounding area, Kyle still feels privileged to have found his way into this unbelievable utopia that is Jackson, Wyoming.

Years later, Kyle’s life in Jackson is still a reality.  Although he has endured Jackson’s hardships, seen many friends come and go, and watched as a multitude of changes have come to town, nothing has blurred his vision.  Through hard work and determination, Kyle has strived to make it last. 

His passion and knowledge of this area are a direct relation to his love for all things Wyoming.   As a Yellowstone & Jackson Hole Tours guide for over 8 years, he has seen and experienced much that life in wonderful Wyoming has to offer, and with your help, plans to enjoy many more years to come.

Come and join Kyle for a day (or two) and let his infectious attitude for all things WILD help make your trip to the area as memorable and enjoyable as possible.  

All photography from the site has been captured by Kyle. 

Kyle may be a bit closer to the wild than most, having been attacked and bitten by a rabid fox at a young age, but don’t let that scare you from enjoying a day with him.

Frequently Asked QUestions

Kids Age Policy

The child pricing applies to those 12 and under. 

Park entrance fees

Per request and policy of the National Park Service, all guests and clients of The Wyoming Guide Company LLC must pay their own entrance fees into the parks. This can be done when entering the park on a tour or if a prior pass has been purchased, clients and guests can use the previously purchased pass to enter both parks, as long as the pass permits. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Client satisfaction and enjoyment are our number one priorities at TWYGco. We not only want our clients to enjoy our trips, but to enjoy their entire vacation to this beautiful area. We are happy to share insight into the area that will aid clients in their personal enjoyment outside of our guided tours. We want our clients to leave with a deep appreciation for the National Park System, as well as the surrounding community and what makes Jackson Hole, Jackson Hole! We want our clients to not only visit once, but to come back season after season, and year after year, We want our customers to tell their friends about Jackson, as so much of our livelihood and enjoyment of this area depends on our visiting tourists. We are excited to share our enthusiasm with you!