Why choose The Wyoming Guide Company?

  • Always Private. Instead of shuffling around with other tourists, adhering to their pace and interests, have the guide to yourself. 

  • Affordable. You'll be pleasantly surprised to see that our rates for trips, which are always private, are equal to the non-private rates of our competitors.
  • Customized and Flexible. Since our trips are private, we are able to tailor and specialize trips to better accommodate requests from clients. We are not bound by set pick-up and drop-off times, since we guide one group at a time. 

  • Charismatic and Knowledgeable. Our guides know their stuff - including geography, history, geology, wildlife anatomy, and much more!

  • Supplies. Our guides are equipped with DSLR cameras with wi-fi, so that high quality photos and video can be captured and provided to you at the conclusion of your tour. We provide top-of-the-line binoculars and spotting scopes from Vortex Optics for use by clients. Oh, and our selection of snacks and drinks isn't bad either.  

Upon booking with The Wyoming Guide Company, you know that your tour will be specifically geared towards you and your groups' interests, as we do not put multiple groups together, as many of our competitors do. Don't get shoved in a van with strangers. Book with us today and enjoy the day with your group, on your terms and at your pace.